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“Taking a Human-Centered Approach by Connecting people through Energy, Smiles and High-Fives is even more important in this age of AI!”  

~ Kafi London


You are planning a meeting, corporate event, or conference to bring people together.

You have the venue, theme and guests.

But something is missing.

You need that special electric charge that creates a ripple, turning a good event into an unforgettable experience.

This is where Kafi comes in!

Hi, I’m Kafi

As your Strategic Facilitator and Energizing Emcee (MC), I am the supercharger for your gathering, elevating it to new heights of excitement and engagement.

With more than three decades of experience mastering the people game, I bring a fusion of unstoppable energy and a talent for captivating every audience.  My expertise is transforming boring gatherings into dynamic, memorable experiences.

My superpower is seamlessly blending your message with music, movement, and motivation, ensuring everyone has an enjoyable and unforgettable time.

If you want to transform your next corporate gathering into an energizing experience that sparks lively interaction and collaboration, I’m here to help. 

The Energy, The Joie de Vivre, The Spark, The Light!

These all showcase what Kafi brings to any occasion or event.

But it’s her kindness, compassion and openness to sharing her knowledge that you will want her in your orbit all the time.
…AND this woman can capture the attention of the largest of audiences and commands presence when she grabs a microphone!

Dana Xavier Dojnik, CEO, The Lola

Solving Your Top 3 Challenges


Dull Moments – Gone!
Say goodbye to awkward silences and unengaged attendees. Kafi brings the zest and zip, keeping the energy high and the audience hooked.

Lack of Interactive Elements
As an engagement expert, interaction is non-negotiable!  From purposeful team-bonding activities to just keeping the crowd pumped, Kafi has the skills to keep your audience listening and actively participating from start to finish.

Heavy Content Sends People to Sleep
Yes, sharing content is key, but keeping attendees engaged and energized requires someone who can skillfully and continuously assess the energy and vibe of the room adjusting the right mix of fun and informative content throughout.

We hired Kafi for our annual corporate event, which was a game-changer!

Her Energy was infectious, and she has a unique talent for engaging every member of our team.

CEO, Prestigious Non-Profit Organization

Why Energy Matters

Kafi’s Approach

Unlocking the power that has transformed countless leaders and teams is “The Energy Ladder of Impact.

With three decades in the people game, Kafi has zeroed in on something many miss: the profound ripple effect of energy in the workplace. It originates with leaders, permeates teams, shapes projects, and deeply affects our clients.

To Kafi, it is all about shifting from Fed up to Fired up or from Turned off to Turned On.

Given today’s challenges, Kafi’s perspective might be the catalyst you need to create a ripple of positive energy that keeps people engaged and morale high.

3 Steps to Energize Your Gathering


Getting clarity on the vibe of the event and “how” you want people to “feel” Before, During and After the gathering sets the tone.


We’ll craft a plan that balances the culture of your organization with the right level of interaction & collaboration from attendees.


Sit back & enjoy as Kafi infuses your gathering with unforgettable energy that leaves your attendees buzzing for days.

Coming Soon!

Some Brands Kafi Has Worked With 

Kafi’s dynamic presence transformed our board meeting’s strategic planning session. 

Her energy brought our event to life and attendees left energized and inspired. Kafi is the spark every event needs to be memorable and impactful.

Dorothy Andreas

CEO, Streamline Success & Board Member of Daily Gratitude Movement

In a time when virtual events can feel flat, Kafi brought an incredible level of energy and enthusiasm to ours. She mastered the challenge of connecting with an online audience and made our virtual gathering feel vibrant and just as interactive as an in-person event.

N. Powell

Chief Compliance Officer, SVP

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