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“The work landscape is changing…
Leaders are leaving,
teams are disconnecting,
companies are bleeding!”


You are the ambitious leader everyone looks up to.

You got big dreams, unstoppable drive, and potential that is off the charts, but you know deep in your belly that something is missing.

Something that could crank up your leadership game from great to legendary.

Being the big cheese is awesome, but it can be lonely, crazy hard, and downright draining.  Juggling team drama, to-do lists while keeping your own fire burning is no job for the faint of heart.


The modern workplace should be more than just hitting targets; it’s about creating an environment where innovation thrives, teams are engaged, and positivity reigns.

So, it is time to change the game.

Let’s unlock the magic ingredient that provides a competitive edge in work & life…

Positive Energy!

Meet Kafi

Kafi is a catalyst for igniting leaders, connecting teams, and your new favorite secret weapon.

Kafi has been helping leaders and teams transform for almost three decades and has electrifying blend of wisdom, innovation, and fun, the epitome of what it means to be a catalyst for change.

With a career that spans the UK and US, Kafi has led global initiatives working with companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Hewlett-Packard, and Shell Chemical. She now runs her own training and coaching practice focused on helping leaders and teams shift the energy @ work.

Armed with her unique blend of experience, expertise, and of course, lots of fun, she’ll guide you on an epic journey to light up, inspire deeper connections, and create an impact that lasts.

Hi, I’m Kafi

With 25+ years of experience playing the people game, I’m passionate about helping leaders and teams light up and get their magic back. 

As a former workaholic, I know firsthand how work can drain the life out of you. And let’s be real…this sucks!

I believe our work, people we work with, and workplace should be energizing and uplifting (instead of draining and disconnecting).

So, let’s crank things up!

If you are are ready to shake off the burnout, reclaim your mojo and shift the work vibe…

Energy @ Work

Kafi’s Approach

Unlocking the power that has transformed countless leaders and teams is “The Energy Ladder of Impact.

This game-changing tool, crafted by Kafi, digs into the dance between energetic vibes and impact on others.ᅠ

To Kafi, it is all about transformation – shifting from “Fed up” to “Fired up” or from “Turned off” to “Turned On.”

Kafi has the secret sauce to help you shift, flip the script and turn up the heat!

“Kafi’s over-delivered and her approach blew me away. Her insights equipped us with tools we didn’t know we needed to thrive!

– SHRM Conference Attendee

Work with Kafi

Interactive Keynotes + Emcee

Supercharge the energy at your next event with Kafi’s captivating blend of wisdom, wit and wow-factor, that will leave audiences inspired & eager to make a difference. (Pic: InvestmentNews & Color Wheel Studio)

Workshops & Masterclasses

Ignite your leaders and teams with power-packed workshops that will equip them with practical tools and strategies to fuel a high-vibe, high-impact culture  

Personalized Coaching

Level up your leadership with personalized 1:1 time. Discover your unique energy signature and how to use it as a powerful tool to unlock your path to success.

Coming Soon!

Some Companies & People Kafi Has Worked With

Before Kafi, I was completely consumed with the heaviness of life.

Kafi taught me how to find flow and passion in my day. As a result of working with Kafi, I now have rhythm to my day that gives me balance, energy and ease; all results that directly affect my bottom line.

Dorothy Andreas

CEO, Streamline Success

I was lost in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life until Kafi helped me break through the mental, physical, and emotional challenges holding me back.

I went from being stuck, frustrated and exhausted to feeling alive, energized and empowered to take on the world!

Karen K.

Business Owner & Certified Life Coach

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